Considering Joining ECO?

Are you interested in transferring to or being ordained into Rivers of Life Presbytery and ECO? The first step is to review ECO's Essential Tenets and Values

Essential Tenets

The Essential Tenets forge our theological understanding of Christ's Church. All ECO pastors, elders, and deacons must agree and believe in these tenets in order to serve in our denomination. 

Core Values

For a deeper understanding of our convictions, please review these 11 core values. These describe our understanding of the church's polity and our vision as a denomination. 

If you're in agreement with these documents and would like to continue pursuing membership in ECO, please contact our local representative at with any questions.

You can also click the appropriate link to learn more about the application process.

pastor     Congregation

If you're in agreement with these documents, and are interested in learning more about seminary classes, becoming a Commissioned Lay Pastor, or being ordained in ECO, please visit our Education and Ordination page. 

 Education and Ordination